Terry Dwyer

TD Off-Duty

You can find my interests other than Mixers Sound, here; music, songwriting, audio electronics, woodworking, web design, writing, etc. I might blog (blather) here a bit. I have lots of questions about the above topics and a few answers and some data that someone might find useful. So browse this site and if you see something you like, let me know. Or not.

Audio Hardware Schematics

Over the years, I’ve collected electronics manuals and schematics for long-gone electronics. I’ll post them here for everyone’s use. I respect copyrights so nothing protected. And they’re free to download. I see a lot of sites across the internet selling these hallowed documents, and they don’t own them. Since the companies that originated these docs are unable to assist the end-user, these documents belong to those lucky enough to own a Neve or an Otari or an Ampex. So help yourself. But don’t think about selling them. Do the right thing and pass them on to those who wish to keep this hardware alive.

Music and Songwriting

I’ve cut a lot of records. Engineered, Mixed and Produced. With great people like Chris Darrow, Steven Gaydos, Shadow Morton, Ray Woodbury and Kevin Lyman. Maybe I can sneak a few tracks in for download here. NOTE: Record companies please don’t sue me although some of you did a piss-poor job promoting these gems or I wouldn’t have to post them. OK, counter-productive. I get it. So sue me. No, really, don’t! Seriously. Covid is stopping these folks from going to the record store to get these songs so I have no choice but to post them. It’s in the stimulus bill. Read it.

I’ve written quite a few songs with my songwriting partner, Steve Gaydos. Maybe I’ll post a few of those here too.

We’re opening Mixers up to music recording and mixing, so we’ll discuss the fun stuff – the tech stuff – here.  Hopefully we’ll have more to talk about in the near future – COVID allowing.